Holy War on Exams

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In the news there have been reports that some Jews have been having problems getting exams rearranged for religious reasons.  As you are probably aware the Jewish festival Shavuot is coming up.  This festival is a time when Jews celebrate the giving of the Torah (the Jewish bible).  Jews eat milky foods and decorate places with flowers to celebrate.
The exam period clashes with Shavuot and there has been some discussions with the universities as to whether Jewish students should be allowed to take the exams at a different time to their classmates.  According to Jewish News Online at least 56 cases have been reported where students have been affected by the clash.
Interestingly Muslim students have also been affected by exam clashes.  For Muslims it is Eid - the breaking of the fast at the end of Ramadan.  Nora Shelley reported that students at UCT will have the option to take their exams the day after to allow time for prayer.
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Coping with Exam Stress

Shropshire Council has reported that student exam stress levels are placing undue pressure on health services.  There are suggestions that exam stress is resulting in more suicides and mental health problems.  According to the on-line news article Childline has seen an 11 per cent increase in calls from students.  In 2017, Sally Weale reported for the Guardian that 8 out of 10 school leaders felt that fear of academic failure was leading to mental health issues around exam time and that primary children were showing increased signs of stress and anxiety before sitting exams.  In Manchester Evening News, Emma Gill reported that a 10 year old daughter recently revealed to her Mum that she was stressed about SATs and that her friend was suicidal because of the exams.
In 2016, a Kellogg's sponsored survey of 1000 pupils revealed that 6 out of 10 students (21%, roughly a fifth) were skipping meals to undertake more exam study.  More disturbingly according to the report "33 admitte…

Exams - New Watch Rule

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As an extension to my earlier blogpost on exam preparation, I just read a story online from The Telegraph (click here) that wearing traditional watches in exams has been banned.  You are allowed to have a traditional watch on your desk but you are not allowed to wear it.  This is because smart watches can be disguised as traditional watches and some people have been found cheating with them.  Smart watches are definitely banned.

According to the BBC the disguised smart watches can be hooked up to an audio ear piece that can play audio or display text on the screen (click here).  They even have emergency buttons that can switch the "cheating" mode off.

I wonder if there will be a standard watch eventually like there is a standard calculator that's allowed?

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Top 10 Tips to Stop Panicking in Exams

OK so I panic in exams.  I remember in GCSE Spanish having a panic attack for the oral conversation section of the exam.  The tape ran and ran and all you could hear was "Oh g-d I can't do this" whilst I hyperventilated.  
Why am I telling you this?  Simply put I survived and even managed to scrape a B grade.  If you do have a panic attack it's not the end of the things.  The world goes on and we learn to improve.
Anyway, lets hope it doesn't get to this stage for you.  Below are my 10 tips to help you through the papers.  Please bare in mind this is just some advice and does not necessarily work for everyone and I am in no way liable if you do have a panic attack in the exam!
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20 Tips For Exam Day

As well as revising for an exam it is important to prepare for an exam with good exam technique.Below is a list of tips to remember before sitting, during and after an exam.Hopefully the list will continue to grow.

If you have any advice please feel free to add your comments. 

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Tip 1. What do I bring into the exam?
Go into the exam prepared making sure you know exactly what equipment you can take into your exam (pens, pencils, calculators etc.) and be aware of what equipment you are entitled to ask for whilst sitting the exam (e.g. tracing paper).If you can try to have two of everything (e.g. 2 pens, 2 pencils…).This way if something breaks or someone forgets their equipment you have a spare.  Be a good friend!
When I sat my exams (years ago!) a clear pencil case was required and it is worth finding out if …

Tutoring Website and Supportive Blog

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I have a new website linking to my tutoring and art businesses.  The website has a new booking system making it easier for new and current students to book in lessons for on-line and home tutoring at the click of a button!  For more information on tutoring or to book a lesson visit:

To coincide with the new website I have started this new tutoring blog.  The blog is mainly aimed at supporting students and parents though it will be relevant to anyone interested in education.  The blog address is (though you probably know this if your reading).

I am very excited about all these projects and I hope this supports you on your journey.  If you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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